The following videos are examples of work that used the Milo motion control system.  It would have been almost impossible to shoot these spots in any other way.


The first shoot that Roundel MC worked on after its founding was for the Greenville Hospital system and its specialty cancer treatment center. This Greenville Hospital spot shows the MIlo in action during the shoot.  It was shot using an iPhone and is not particularly steady.  It shows how the Milo and a computer controlled turn table where used to create the effect of a 360 degree camera move.



After the shoot was completed the XYZ data was fed into Maya and processed so it could be used on any CGI system.  The good people at “Edit at Joe’s” then created a virtual environment and color treated the footage to create this compelling spot.



One of the many things the Milo does very well is precision.  In this Seiko “kinetic” spot the accuracy of the Milo was essential to the shoot.  For many of the shots in this commercial a 100mm Macro lens was used with a narrow depth of field.  Each time we see the watch the time had to be set for 10:08 and the second hand sweeping between 30 and 40 seconds.  This meant that all the moves had to be pre-programmed, the watches then set with enough time to check and tweak the move and focus and be ready to turn over at the right time.  The resulting commercial is rather beautiful.



The Milo is a great tool for table top food shoots because a large number of moves can be programmed in advance during pre light using stand ins.  Then when the hero product is brought to set it’s only a very short time until turning over.  This means that the product always looks its best and should there be any hand action in the shot all the director has to worry about is the performance.  This Sonic “Original Taste” commercial shows another great use of the Milo.  Specialty lenses and model movers were used to capture the multiple elements that went into this spot.



Over the years Nigel has worked on many shoots as a DP as well as a Milo operator.  On this TCM “Morning open” spot Nigel both programmed all the moves and worked as the DP.  The foreground elements were shot on green screen and the background film projector elements were shot at a larger scale to increase the visual impact.



This CNN “Icon” BTS spot shows the Milo in action on set for a CNN title sequence.  The Milo was used to shoot smooth flowing moves. The XYZ data was then fed into various CGI systems to create a virtual environment.  This was shot while Nigel and the Milo still worked at Turner Studios.



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