Model Movers

Large Turntable

Our large Turntable is capable of holding weight well over 500 pounds and with the addition of a larger platform can easily turn 3 people.  The Turntable is controlled by the same software that controls the Milo and is scaled in degrees for accurate move data export.  The Turntable is extremely sturdy, smooth with zero backlash.


Small Turntable

The small Turntable is smooth, accurate and backlash free.  It uses a self centering chuck to hold a wide variety of object and shaft sizes.  It can be fitted to a custom stand to put it at a comfortable working height or it can work on its own base.  Due to its sturdy construction it can easily hold over 100 pounds.  It can also be mounted on its side or upside down.


Linear Model Mover

The linear model mover is strong, smooth and fast.  It has a meter of travel and can push, pull or lift over 50 pounds.  It is scaled in centimeters and controlled by the same software as the Milo allowing for accurate move data export.  The small Turntable can also be mounted to the linear arm to greatly increase the range of movement.

All the model movers can be combined in a variety of configurations to maximize a client VFX needs.


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