Milo Specs

Roundel MC proudly offers the Academy Award winning Milo Motion Control system to the film and television production community.  With over 10 axes of precise, rigid and repeatable camera motion the Milo offers the combined range of a dolly and a crane into one camera platform.  The Milo is completely portable and can shoot anywhere with adequate road access.  With a set-up time of just under an hour the Milo can shoot on multiple locations with ease.

With the ability to save hundreds of moves in the computer the Milo can greatly benefit shoots that require a high degree of precision and complexity.  The Milo operating software “Flair” can export accurate XYZ data to a variety of CGI systems and can also import camera moves created virtually inside a CGI platform. This can greatly speed up both post production and production.


Axes Name                    Range of Travel                           Maximum   Speeds

Track.                              As needed up to 50 feet.                2 Meters / 6′ 6″ per second.

Rotate.                             Unlimited.                                       30 degrees per second.

Lift.                                   +/- 45 degrees.                              24 degrees per second.

Extend Arm.                     1 Meter.                                          38cm / 1′ 3″ per second.

Outer Arm.                       225 degrees.                                  40 degrees per second.

Pan.                                 Unlimited.                                        120 degrees per second.

Tilt.                                   290 degrees.                                  120 degrees per second.

Roll.                                 Unlimited.                                        120 degrees per second.

The Milo Lift axes has an overall movement range of just over 15 feet.  The camera can start 0.75M / 2.5 feet below the rail and rise to 4M / 13 feet above the rail.  The Milo can be built on a raised platform allowing for a greater range of movement.  We have a total of 50 feet of precision rail but with the addition of the Extend arm the Milo can create just over 60 feet of lateral camera movement.

Camera Functions

The Milo system includes 3 extra lens control motors which can control focus, zoom and iris.  In under 15 minutes any lens can be set up so that “Flair” can control all lens movement from macro’s to zooms and then export the data for CGI integration.  Using custom built cables Flair can control and sync a variety of the latest digital cinema cameras.  Over the years our Milo has shot with the following cameras:

Fries Mitchell, Arri 435, Arri Alexa, Red one, Red Epic, Sony F900, Sony F3, Sony F35, Weisscam and Phantom.

Milo Power

The Milo can run on either 120 Volts or 240 Volts.  In a studio this is best supplied by a 3 phase power drop from a 30 amp box.  On location a 6.5KVA generator is best.

Milo Weight

When fully built the Milo weighs a little under 1700 pounds without the rail.  Each 3 m / 10 ‘ section of rail weighs around 200 pounds but with a large foot print the weight is spread over a large area and is not a problem when shooting on a location such as a family home.  When shooting on an exterior location such as a Park or Golf course it is often necessary to put the rail on boards.  Even when fully built the Milo can be rolled around on most solid surfaces on its wheeled base.

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